#1 https://thefitnessvibes.com/hair-revital-x/ von janice white 22.12.2019 09:20

Hair revital x again I just breathe on that and it flew everywhere so my scalp is so covered in scar tissue that my my hair follicles are not being exposed and my scalp is like rubbery so like I told you guys in a previous video the purpose of me doing this one I would love for my hair to grow back one day but if for some reason or another my hair never go back grows back I've accepted that but if I can get if I can remove some of the scar tissue so my scalp gonna hair revital x reviews be that rubbery and then I could shave my head and it didn't look like a difference you know it's not such a big difference then I will start wearing my scalp outside mold like keep my hair shaving wet bald but because of the difference in the texture of the skin in my scalp it's probably why I'm not wearing it bald but since I've been doing this like I've told you guys I have .


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