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The smoke is very elegant Marlboro Gold. After taking a few sips, I can basically judge the taste characteristics of this King Xinwang, which belongs to the original tobacco type. After a sip of smoke was ejected leisurely Cigarettes Online, the original fragrance was carefully studied. At first, it was fresh, but later it became a little messy. This does not mean the taste of the upper and lower half of the whole cigarette, but the change in the characteristics of the smoke that you feel when you breathe in a puff of smoke and spray it out. The shredded tobacco burns normally, not as fast as some large-print warning sentence versions of cigarettes. In the process of smoking, smoke blockage occurs occasionally, but not much. With the deepening of the smoking process, the changes in the characteristics of smoke in the first 1/3 part of the smoking process are less obvious in the back 2/3 part. That is to say, basically the elegant fragrance is mainly composed of 11mg of tar, 1. 1mg of nicotine and 13mg of carbon monoxide. The taste of this cigarette belongs to the kind of relatively mellow, without any unpleasant smell, the smoke of this cigarette is very strong, the smoke is very full Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the satisfaction of smoking is particularly strong. The tobacco smell is relatively strong, strong and high-end There are very few strong cigarettes, and it is a relief from smoking. It is very comfortable after smoking, the taste is relatively smooth, the aftertaste is very clean, the price is average, the taste is slightly worse, and the overall is good. It's okay to give gifts on holidays.
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