#1 Richard Mille Replica Watch RM011 Marcus Titanium DLC von qankle 08.12.2020 13:03

Richard Mille RM 27-04 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon Watch (Model: RM 27-04)

Innovative materials are the key element of Richard Mille timepieces. The latest RM 11-05 watch is a perfect example, with its bezel made of gray cermet. This material is formed by the fusion of zirconia metal matrix and reinforced ceramics, and its density is lower than that of titanium alloy, and the Vickers hardness is comparable to diamond. The previous RM 27-04 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch introduced another exclusive material, TitaCarb®. This high-performance polyamide has a carbon fiber content of 38.5% and is stronger, 370 MPa (ie The superior tensile strength of 3,700 kg/cm²) is comparable to steel, making it one of the most durable polymers in the world. chronowrist.ru

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