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Also from started at that time, she became understanding sister with Ran winter night.The Ran spoke a lot of shes and business of leaf autumn for her winter night.Their meet, their difference, her remember fondly, their again reunion, and their love.
Her in the mind is their ground feelings to move and also accept the in love with way of this oddness gradually.
"She is very good.Person still just Hong Kong, probably very quick come back."The autumn of the leaf looking at her to suddenly blushes and oddly asks a way:"What's the matter with you?"
"Do not have."Being blue can the heart hurriedly put a hand.But have never thought, her face is reder.The persimmon that the heel is getting more thoroughly cooked ground.
She thinks drive leaf the autumn saw through the viewpoint in the heart and more thought dissimulation and more let the public living heart.This really be not a suitable lying ground kid.
Leaf autumn such cleverness, immediately thought of the key of problem.Also feel a bit ashamed.That, really is oneself Be getting more careless.If not is to play the words of juniors type, didn't let blue can the heart see his/her own bottom also good.
After, leaf autumn end's microphone soon be brought by Wang Zheng of the friend to jump a claim.They would not like to appear on stage a show off opportunity for autumn for leaf again.
Li Zhen, Xue Ling and traversed three thin female kids to suddenly run to come over, respectively the hand inside still holds a small gift.Say with a smile:"Can heart, happy birthday."
", There is also gift?I have never seen you buy."Being blue can the heart surprisedly say.Then happily connect over there, say:"Many thanks to elder sister.Thank two elder sisters.Thank three elder sisters.."
Because study of ancient relics to fasten inside only blue can the heart is this female student, so she and other fasten of the girl live in a bedroom.At ordinary times she temperament Ping-ho, the person is also efficient.Get along with these rommates still quite goodly.
Certainly, this is her own viewpoint.
Previous these rommateses also really like very much to be blue can heart, but the cannibalism mouth is soft, take hand short, the clear Hao has no little invite them to have a meal, take them to have fun at the bar.Consumedly and smallly the gift sends more of many.They also can they this is silly ground rommate to sell.
"Certainly there is gift.As we are leading a birthday are you to also secretly prepare a gift?"Li Zhen says with a smile.By hand Tong the Tong is blue can heart, say:"Do not tear open and see is what?"
Being blue can the heart smile to nod and small and softly tears open three rommates to send to her gift.
What Li Zhen sent is a box of chocolate of SWISSSTHINS, what Xue Ling sent is music box, traverse thin sent this book, because of blue can the heart like to do most of the matter is to read.
"Thank you.I like your gifts very much."Being blue can heart the full face gratefully looking at three of her rommates to say.Although the gift isn't precious, is all thing that she likes.
"Thank what?We are good sisters."Traverse thin hug blue can the shoulder of heart say.Piao Piao her bosom has been unwillinging to let go down of big box, ask a way:"Is this the gift that the boyfriend sends?Don't open as well to show us?"
The autumn of the leaf lightly saw an eye traverse thin, don't also expose those small cheap tricks of theirs.Really is too weak-minded.
If being blue can if the heart like, he can send and be in remembrance of the Ferrari sports car of the version for her, luxurious yacht even private airplane.And, oneself there are still a few quite good scenery private island lings under, he doesn't mind to become an arriving being blue can heart of bottom in.
But, that again how?Being blue can what heart like isn't these things.
The autumn of the leaf and blue can the father of heart once met, although not clear his father exactly is do what work.Only with lend a heel can guess at his after death those black dress bodyguardses, blue can heart enough money.
Ownly the first ancient Qi western dress coat be still blue can the heart buy for oneself of, plus Lee greatly strong with two body getups that enjoys, several 100,000 of clothes her none of eyes blink to pay by card to buy for a while bottom.Will the woman like this lack money?Or say to be in need of a precious diamond?
Being blue can the heart saw leaf's one eye for autumn and smiled to ask a way:"Can I open?"
The autumn of the leaf felt pity on ground to stretch hand to touch touch blue can the skin of head of heart, the doter ground says:"This was yours, certainly opened."

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