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Eldest brother, then the tears came out for the ground of Shua Shua.
Three girl's sons saw the gift in the box and mutually saw a to smile, then Pie mouth.This man, plays romance is also need money to do capital.No matter is at a western restaurant fixed position with style, is still two finely steak, two cup champagnes, all of this are to need money to prop up.
The ages changed, be not literally send out a ragged gift is romance.
", This is what?"Li Zhen voice exaggeration the ground ask a way.
"Seem a toy.But Be different from a heap of leaf again?"Xue Ling also equally says with the weird tone and also looking at with the look in the eyes of inquiry for autumn, the leaf waits for her replying.
"Luo Luo, you all guessed wrong.Should make into a ground of toy with the leaf."Traverse thin ground of Luo Luo to say with a smile.
Their 3 people performs intentionally, nature very'nature'the ground drew on other persons to pay attention to a this place ground circumstance.
Hence, voice unpopularly this that Fu.
"Slice, this is what trick?If I take this trick be a gift to send to my girl friend, she doesn't take big box on the ear to take out me."
"Having no money don't dress up as romance.Can make people feel laughably."
"That right.This is my viewpoint over most poorly gift."
"You all shut up."Being blue can the heart suddenly toward them to roar a way, the beautiful and slender small face suppresses of is red, the look in the eyes is brutish but disdains ground to looking at the person of those boredoms, like a lioness that chooses a person but bites.
What do they understand?They don't understand anything.
Is public in every aspect and mutually Qu, have never thought a weak woman of this text to start fire to will be so terrible.
"The autumn of the leaf, do you have a wishes?"At water wood university ground shallow water by the lake, blue can the heart suddenly make a noise to ask a way.
The autumn of the leaf looking at blue can heart the meek black hair be blown about by the breeze, cover up half side beautiful and slenderly small face, the white floral pattern cotton on the body the long skirt was also blown skirt by the breeze to put, recruited an exhibition to get up aweather.Thus the ground appearance makes him feeling warm and fragrant and soft beautiful.
"The persons will have a wishes."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."I also have."
"My wishes, be could not hope a ground maple Lin Li in an eye, lie calmness on the everywhere maple leaf to read."Being blue can the heart sweetly smile.Wishes is thus pure simple, such her smiling face.
"This wishes is easy."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.It is more stunning than her to smile nightmare.
"My home town is the country of maple, till the time in autumn, the maple leaves of all over hills and countryside are all red.Stand on the summit of hill to see past, an eye could not hope a side.It is like a red ocean.There is breeze that blow, all maples will follow to sway, is like a red wave is rising and falling."Being blue can heart one face infatuate with ground to describe.The autumn of the leaf also listens to a ground of in mental concentration, can at the place like this live and throw but responsibility and fight, is a how happy life.
The autumn of the leaf inwardly makes a firm decision, after waiting until the responsibility completion on the body, take a beloved woman to go to the country of this maple and spend a holiday.
" I like most of be lie very thick defoliation on the ground up read.In childhood, I still made into a very beautiful doll with the maple leaf.That doll and my similar Gao, also similar big, kept company with me quite a few the year was the friend of best my childhood years.But, I but throw its lane.Because this, I still cried for a long time."Being blue can heart face a red, awkward and shily say.
"After, I send you the doll that a maple leaf makes into."The autumn of the leaf says.
"Really?"Girl sub- surprise the ground ask.
"Really."The autumn of the leaf in earnest nods.
When being blue can the heart make a phone call tell leaf for autumn, when her birthday arrived leaf the autumn is considering that sending is blue can heart what gift, thought of them at the beginning of the dialogue.
"To, send her the doll that a maple leaf makes into."The leaf autumn in the mind definitely settles down, immediately made a telephone call to Zhang Sheng and let him immediately began to prepare this gifted.
Although now is spring, far and far don't arrive maple leaf to dye red season.But rich can make ghost push evil, the piece wins for the sake of completion leaf the autumn give an account of task, procure color fresh maple leaf everywhere.

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